Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Walking around Paris part one

Louis XV Rococo Detail from a 18th century building on Rue Saint Denis

Paris, France is one of the best and most beautiful city's in the world to walk around. I personally love walking and have been known to walk over 10 miles a day. The first time I visited Paris I bought a new stylish wardrobe for my Paris day view. My new leather loafers were not broken in and caused great pain and bleeding walking the streets of Paris for the first time. It got to the point where I just walked on the back of the shoe turning it into a more comfortable mule.

Since then I have been to Paris over 30 times, France is one of the only places I want to go. Here are some photo's from May of 2007. I know Paris like the back of my hand and have walked down the same streets all over Paris many times. But there is always something new to see, One more detail that I did not notice before. Paris is also one of those city's where it is hard to take a bad photo, Enjoy!

 Pythia the priestess presiding over the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi at the Opéra Garnier

Medusa carved on a door

Paris at Sunset

Door hardware

18th century door

Carved door detail

A saints bones

A lion with it's tongue out

Gilded gate at the Tuileries Garden

Napoléon III gilded chairs at L'église de la Madeleine


Antique roses


Candelabra at Saint-Sulpice Church

Antinous at the Louvre

Place de la Concorde fountain

Saint-Sulpice Church window

Marble angel Holy water font

Place de la Concorde merman

Theseus fighting the Minotaur by Étienne-Jules Ramey (French, 1796–1852). Marble, 1826. In the Tuileries Gardens, Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral rose window

Jean Baptiste Pigalle Holy Water Fount at Saint-Sulpice

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