Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Campbell Collection of Soup Tureens at Winterthur

Since May 1997 Winterthur has been the home of the Campbell Collection of Soup Tureens, and visitors from all parts of the world have viewed these elegant ceramic and metalwork vessels in the specially designed Dorrance Gallery. Among the many galleries at Winterthur, this one in particular brings together the beauty of objects with that of the nearby garden so-loved by Henry Francis du Pont.

The genesis of the Campbell Collection dates to 1966, when John T. Dorrance Jr., chairman of the Campbell Soup Company, and W. B. Murphy, the company president, decided to begin collecting. They secured a charter for a museum in Camden, New Jersey, and the collection soon grew to include a wide range of tureens and soup-related objects made in Europe, Asia, and America. The dates range from 1720 to modern times.


  1. Some of these soup tureens are so grand, they are way over the top. But the porcelain pots with, I am assuming, handpainted landscapes on the side are sublime. I would do ANYTHING for you, in order to own that pot at the very top!

  2. Hi my friend. Yes some of theses are a little too much. Especially the Rococo ones. They would have been in over the top Rococo rooms that would have made your head spin. The one that you like I believe is Berlin porcelain early 19th century. If you click on the photo and look at the amazing detail I'm sure you will agree that this piece is a masterpiece that was never used. As it is in perfect condition to be 200 years old.