Thursday, December 23, 2010

Exhibition galleries at Winterthur

A French gilt bronze ormolu Empire period Ca, 1805-1814 George Washington mantel clock, conceived as an allegory of his life. Presenting George Washington in full military dress.Theses clocks are very rare and highly sought after by collectors and museums today. One appraised on the Antiques Road show years ago for $75,000. You can see theses great clocks in the White House, The Met in New York. The Philadelphia museum of art, Homewood House museum in Baltimore, Maryland and Winterthur has about 4 or 5 on view

First Floor Galleries

Featuring an array of objects from the Winterthur collection, the first floor galleries provide an up-close look at the craftsmanship and varying styles found in the museum. Although many of the spaces are permanently divided by medium, the objects within them change frequently to showcase new items and reflect new research. Both an introduction to the collection and an opportunity for in-depth study, the galleries invite discovery and exploration.

In Style

The In Style gallery offers an overview of the major design styles popular in America between 1640 and 1860. Here, visitors can see how specific objects changed in response to fashion over time—how a picture frame became more or less ornate, how chairs became more comfortable, or how textile design responded to fashionable imagery. Each period vignette contains similar objects, but the varying lines, colors, and ornamentation illustrate particular fashionable tastes, creating an excellent visual introduction to American decorative arts.

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