Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A party at Peter's house!

Lined up on top of a marble top Louis Philippe commode are vintage linen napkins, 19th French fiddle and thread silver flatware and 18th & 19th century wedding band and cornflower Old Paris porcelain plates. 

Around this time last year, I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a new friend, Isabelle, introduce to me through a mutual friend Peter. Isabelle is a amazing person. She is a private chef and artist! Who doesn't love a artist that can cook well? Isabelle is half French and half American, born in Paris to A French mother, Her father is from Rhode Island. Isabelle has lived in both worlds. For the first time last year she visited Creole New Orleans and thank goodness fell into the hands of the right people. Our friend Peter decided to have a party at his Creole Antique filled French Quarter home with Chef Isabelle doing the cooking for the party, as a Isabelle and her cooking debut to New Orleans! 

A Empire gold gilt ormolu clock  next to a early fan. 

To the right my house guest at the time Romano from Switzerland and a neighbor of Peter's 

19th century Louisiana portraits overlook the party. 

Isabelle's seafood and vegetable stew 

marinated beets 


Isabelle made lots of fabulous Strawberry cream tarts. 

This one displayed on a 18th century French porcelain platter. 

19th century Louisiana ancestral portrait of Peter's

18th Louisiana ancestral portrait of Peter's 

The party in full swing 


Neoclassical carved details hanging in Peter's bathroom 

Neoclassical carved details hanging in Peter's bathroom 

Neoclassical carved details hanging in Peter's bathroom 

The bar 

18th Louisiana Creole ancestral portrait of Peter 

French 1830's Louis Philippe Champagne flutes await champagne next to Isabelle's fabulous Strawberry cream tart.

Isabelle entertaining us 

Peter pouring up some Louisiana made Satsuma-cello! 

A good time was had by all! 

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