Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Late Winter fresh cut citrus decorating le Château de Hopkins.

Fresh large Louisiana grown Meyer lemons decorate a circa 1800 Neoclassical gold decorated round Old Paris porcelain platter with a cut glass cheese/butter dome in the center. 

At the end of Winter a good friend and neighbour invited me over to her house to take away the last of the blood oranges and meyer lemons from trees in her lovely garden, knowing I also like to put fresh greeny in my 18th & 19th century vases she also invited me to cut fresh ginger leaves! I could not wait to get all of this home to decorate the front Salon of le château de Hopkins. During the 18th & 19th century Winter greenery was often placed in a home to bring a cheerful look in anticipation of Spring and Summer. 

On top of the 1825 Philadelphia Federal piano are ginger in a pair of Rococo Revival Old Paris porcelain vases and fresh citrus in a Old Paris porcelain center piece.  

A early 19th century Federal period Pittsburgh cut flint glass footed bowl holds fresh cut Louisiana citrus.  

I could not resist making fresh squeezed blood orange juice with a splash of vodka, served in a early 19th century English Georgian cut glass!

A view of the Meyer lemons from the top. 

Meyer lemons displayed in a early 19th century Old Paris porcelain vegetable dish. 

Louisiana citrus in a Jacob Petit Rococo Revival Old Paris Porcelain Corbeille atop the piano. Over the corbeille is a dated 1837 Paris engraving titled the Bridesmaid in it's original gold leaf Louis Philippe Neoclassical frame.  

Citrus in a early 19th century Pittsburgh cut flint glass bowl next to a ebony and gold gilt ormolu Louis Philippe 1830's portico clock. 

The Meyer lemons made some of the best lemonade I had ever had. Served out of a dated 1859 Old Paris porcelain presentation pitcher on a Neoclassical English Regency silver tray. 

A corner of the piano with ginger filled Paris porcelain vase! I was very pleased with the overall look of the room with fresh citrus and greens. 

Here at le Château de Hopkins I like to keep fresh flowers and greenery in cut glass and Paris porcelain vessels all year around. What kind of flowers and cut greens do you like to use in your home? 

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