Friday, April 29, 2016

The rare painted marble Tomb of Gervais Fournier

The painted Tomb of Gervais Fournier (1771-1830) - Justice of the Peace of St. Germain / Kight of the Legion of Honor.  
Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, Paris - France.

While walking around Père-Lachaise Cemetery last Summer I happen upon the rare and amazing painted Tombs of Gervais Fournier and his wife Adélde Margaret Fournier. These Greek Revival styled tombs are amazing because the fronts of the tombs are Neoclassical painted stone. In all of the historic cemeteries I have visited all over the world this was the first time I saw painted inscription and designs on a stone tombs instead of carved into the stone. You have painted on the stone two upside down torch represents the end of life. And a Wreath meaning Victory in death.  

The painted tomb of Adélde Margaret Fournier is a little bit earlier and dates to 1827, it has more wear than the pointed front of Gervais Fournier tomb. The front of Adélde's tomb is painted with a weathered floral wreath. 

Ici repose Mme Adélde Margte Fournier, vexp en 1re noces de Mr Ri Em Jarry, épouse en 2èmes de Mr G. Fournier, née à Paris le 17 Xbre 1763, décédée à St Germain en Laye le 25 7bre 1827

The rare and beautiful painted marble Tombs of Gervais Fournier and his wife Adélde Margaret Fournier. 

The two Greek Revival tombs together. 

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