Monday, April 25, 2016

Lunch with my French friend Bastien in Arcachon, France.

My French friend Bastien enjoying our lunch overlooking the sea! 

During my month long vacation in France last Summer I decided to go to Bordeaux France for a week, I loved Bordeaux so much I decided to stay for two weeks! I rented a wonderful apt in a 18th century building in the heart of old Bordeaux, During my stay I invited French friends to come and stay with me in the wonderful two level apt. My good friend Bastien was one of them. In return he invited me to come over to Arcachon, France for the day, a hour trains ride from Bordeaux. The day was a little overcast but still nice. He first showed me the Dune du Pyla (often also spelled Dune du Pilat). The biggest in Europe. After a lovely walk around the village of Arcachon we stop for lunch at one of the many little restaurants overlooking the beach. 

Our lunch was the wonderful fish on mashed potatoes with wine. 

After lunch for dessert we had wonderful ice cream and walked the beach! 

Arcachon is a seaside town in southwest France that's known for oyster harvesting. Its 4 districts are named after the seasons. The Ville d'Été (summer) quarter is home to shopping streets, the town’s sandy main beach and a casino in the 19th-century Château Deganne. Ville d’Hiver (winter quarter) has extravagant 19th-century villas. South of the town is the Dune du Pilat, a huge natural sand dune.

Arcachon has many smaller beaches in the town centre, each of which is separated from the next by a few buildings or private property. Those in the centre get very crowded in summer, but if you follow Boulevard de l'Océan and Boulevard de la Mer towards the west, you'll find some less crowded one's. On the other hand, you are closer to the bars and restaurants of the centre if you stay there - and there's certainly more entertainment.

Whale tail sculpture by Emmanuel Janssens Casteels. 

Whale tail sculpture by Emmanuel Janssens Casteels.

Sand sculptures of an artist sleeping and working on the beach of Arcachon, France.

Sand sculptures of an artist sleeping and working on the beach of Arcachon, France.

The artist. 

Sand sculptures of an artist sleeping and working on the beach of Arcachon, France. 

A wonderful patisserie. 

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  1. Lunch with your French friend Bastien in Arcachon looks absolutely amazing. I am totally in love with everything shown here. I am also going to host a French inspired vintage birthday bash for one of my roommates. We have been finding the affordable event space Atlanta for that.