Saturday, April 30, 2016

A delightful lunch at La Table des Anges

Pickles de légumes et maquereau fumé — Vegetable pickles and homemade smoked mackerel

In December of 2014 during my month long stay in France I treated my good French friend out to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Paris.  The Café Procope. To return the favor she treated me out to lunch at a fabulous restaurant in the area of Paris I was staying at the time, Pigalle.  Plus she wanted to introduce me to the owner of the restaurant. The owner has a twin brother who owns a art gallery in Pigalle. They had a Creole New Orleans connection with their mother being born and raised in Louisiana. Everything about this restaurant is superb. It's super cozy as well as tasty. I love the name, La Table des Anges translates to The table of the angels!  Plus Yan Duranceau, the chef, has worked with some of the greats. Including working at my favorite restaurant in Paris Le Grand Véfour.  I had a wonderful lunch at La Table des Anges, Thanks so much Jocelyne for taking me here and introducing me to this fabulous place. All of my American friends visiting Paris this is the place to go. Lovely dining. Don’t miss Tables des Anges when you’re in Paris.

Puree avocado with lump crab meat.

Pickles de légumes et maquereau fumé — Vegetable pickles and home made smoked mackerel

a fusion dish of braised cheek of beef with ginger, coriander and oriental greens!


At La Table des Anges, this place is so charming, the owner and chef

Wonderful 18th century carved wood angel.

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