Saturday, December 25, 2010

Creole Christmas at the Hopkins home

A mantel in the dinning room is decorated for the season with fresh greenery and citrus fruit

Creole Christmas is a about celebrating history, heritage, culture, music, historic architecture and cuisine, all rapped up in one. It's about bring the outdoors inside with fresh greenery, flowers & kumquats growing in your yard and incorporating them into your Christmas Decor.  On the French and Spanish settled Gulf Coast Christmas is celebrated with the lighting of the bonfire so Papa Noel (Creole Santa Claus) can see the way to the Creole children. On Christmas Eve after midnight mass the family return home to a "Reveillon" a great delicious Creole meal served during the early hours of Christmas morning. Here are some snap shots of my Creole Christmas decorated home enjoy. As you read the descriptions imagine the voice of  Martha Stewart reading them to you. Mary Christmas, Joyeux Noel!!!

A homemade rum cake on a 18th century platter from Marie Antoinette's porcelain factory in Paris

One of my favorite things to eat this time of the year is fruitcake soaked in orange liquor. I have had 10 so far    

Waiting to greet guest a Baltimore Fancy pier table with a pair of Painted Baltimore side chair stand by the front door.

On the Baltimore pier table a French Empire ormolu clock is decorated with kumquats

A feasibly dressed gilt pier mirror stands command by a Napoleon lll chair covered wine colored velvet

On the marble top base of the pier mirror Apple green Old Paris porcelain from the Romantic period 1830's play in between pineapples,fresh kumquats  and red camellias from my garden

red camellias from my garden in a 1830's Old Paris porcelain scent bottle

Fresh fruit and Old Paris porcelain, This looks like a photo from Victoria magazine  

A Old Paris porcelain Wedding band platter had beeswax gingerbread men aglow

A 1850's portrait peers thru holly in a large Old Paris porcelain vase

19th century curtains. A 1850's French Rococo ormolu curtain tieback and the top of a 1860 rosewood side chair

A 1820's Plantation desk made in Mobile, Alabama

Red Camellias and Narcissus from my garden in a pressed glass vase next to a 1820's Empire Old Paris porcelain cup  

Jesus decorated for Christmas with Holly. 1850's French Holy water font 

The 1830's Old Paris porcelain Highland Hunter figure looks board

A Upstate New York Federal tip-top table decorated

 kumquats spill out of a Neoclassical Old Paris porcelain cream pitcher  

18th & 19th century portrait decorated for the Season

The 1830's Southern Huntboard set up as a bar

Kumquats & Red Camellias decorate a vintage silver mint julep cup

Red glass vintage Christmas balls grace a 1840's Old Paris porcelain basket

A 1820's Boston made Empire side table decorated with a 1820's Old Paris porcelain punch bowl full of grapefruit

A 1820's Boston made Empire side table decorated with a 1820's Old Paris porcelain punch bowl full of grapefruit

A Diminutive American Federal eglomise panel mirror with kumquat and Holly sprigs on top

Silver brightly polished on top of a 1840's Alabama made sideboard

Sugar Christmas cookies on a 18th century cornflower painted stand

A 1850's Old Paris porcelain basket full of fruit and nuts

A early 19th century American Flint glass vase holds coin silver spoons

 A large 1820's Pittsburgh Flint glass celery vase holds early 19th century French & American coin silver flatware and ivory handled knives

The dinning room table

A English 1840's plateau holds fruit, nuts and a 1840's German Bohemian vase with Holly.

I and Belles stocking under a Jacob Petit Potpourri set. The middle with pink camellias from a friend.

A mantel in the dinning room is decorated for the season with fresh greenery and citrus fruit

A 1830's Baltimore Walnut drop-leaf table functions as a bar holding a collection of 18th & 19th century cut glass decanters flanked by two circa 1815 New York city Classical saber leg chairs attributed to Duncan Phyfe. The damask curtains are 19th century from a Baltimore mansion and the gilt brass curtain tiebacks are English Regency.

Other plantation desk on front room

Pink camellias float in A 1840 Boston and Sandwich Glass Compote next to a Old Paris figure of a Dandy

Christmas tree table with cards, The best gifts for me are things that you can eat, drink are take a bath with soaps. Thanks Meaghan & Shane for the cookies that arrived Christmas Eve

Christmas tree table with cards

Christmas tree table with cards. Christmas Tree with Creole Angel on top

A Old Paris porcelain platter with iced Christmas sugar cookies

A 1850's Old Paris porcelain compote with mistletoe & 1840's Emerald glass Bahamian Gothic Revival chalice full of kumquats   

Opening between Parlor and dinning room. Cranberry wreaths with Trompe-l'œil cherubs holding a Holly festoon

 Detail of Cranberry wreaths with Trompe-l'œil cherubs holding a Holly festoon  

 Detail of Cranberry wreaths with Trompe-l'œil cherubs holding a Holly festoon  

Mary Christmas, Joyeux Noel!!!


  1. What a wonderful post, absolutely gorgeous and with Satchmo too! :-)

    I replied to your comment directly on VDP, guiding you to the Petit and Grand Trianons posts should you wish to see the castles.

  2. Thanks! Got to love Satchmo. Every time I go to France I bring my Satchmo Cds and have to end up giving them to the French people I'm staying with. I enjoyed looking at your photo's of the Petit and Grand Trianons, beautiful!