Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm moving back to Mobile, Ala my birth city!!! Well only for 6 months out of the year. My family is giving me a turn-of-the century Arts & Crafts style home in Mobile. I have been away from Mobile since 1992 when I moved to New Orleans with my Mom. Growing up in Mobile when you move away it is a place one never forgets. With is fascinating history, beauty, Small town atmosphere & charm. I miss the deep South as I moved to Baltimore right after Hurricane Katrina. While I have grown to like Baltimore and the East Coast there is nothing in the World like The Deep South. "Dear old southland with his dreamy songsTakes me back there where I belong"

The house is located in a part of town known as Down the Bay. It is down the street from a house I grow up in that my Grandmother still lives in. I miss Mobile and also New Orleans and I have friends and family in both places. I feel that I need to do something productive and restoring this house will keep my busy. This home was offered to me a year ago and I turned it down at that time after much thought. In a years time it was offered to other family member and it did not work out and now re-offered to me so it must be meant to be. As my dearly departed friend "Pat" told me when it was first offered to me. " we all go back to our roots one day".

Wish me luck and embark of this endeavor I plane to pack everything up and move this Nov/Dec. The good thing is the house is livable as I can live in it and restore and bad is just about everything needs to be restored. and replaced like the kitchen and bath. But when it is finish it will be a show place.