Friday, February 4, 2011

Today's purchases

I don't know what they are but theses vintage brass shells were too cute to pass up at a dollar each. I thought I could use them as salts at a dinner party.  

It's that time again. The monthly estate sale! This estate sale vary's from month to month. Last month seams to have been a better sale then this month. A lot of the higher priced items from last month sale are back in this sale with lower prices. But on the first day all items a regular price and I always seam to find little treasurers to take home.  I got all of theses goodies for $36.00. I do see a few items I want on Sunday when they are marked 60$ off. Stay Tooned to see if I get my other items on Sunday morning! 

I thought this fabulous vintage reverse painted eglomise panels vanity was a deal for $95.00 until I saw the panels on one side was badly broken and missing 
I love the reverse painted eglomise black & gold grape and leaf motif used on the panels

When I was on the dollar table looking over a 100 pieces of glass ware my eyes spotted two petit French or English 1840's glasses. I thought I had hit the jack pot! Then a few glasses over I spotted 4 matching hand blown, cut crystal wine glasses.  Wow, six dollars for all!   

I love the beautiful panel cuts and cross cuts at the top

Each piece is in good condition with no chips or cracks

I bought some Old Paris porcelain wedding band plates at a dollars each. I love to eat off of French Old Paris porcelain every day.

I fell in love with this 1840's English Prattware plate with wonderful colorful center decoration. The best part of the plate is the border transferred with dancing cupids and acanthus leaf scrolled with gold gilt. The piece is damaged but I thought it was worth the five dollars I paid for it.

The best part of the plate is the border transferred with dancing cupids and acanthus leaf scrolled with gold gilt.

A box set of 20 beautiful note cards with details of "The Gates of Paradise". I paid three dollars for this set of unused cards and they still have there $1695 original price on the back. I love to send cards out just about every day to family and friend. I can't wait to use theses.

A vintage cake pan was $3 and the tea ball was a dollar

I had to think a few moments about buying this English wedgwood punch bowl for five dollars because it had a hairline on the rim but then I thought that a Valentines Champaign punch would look so great in it, so I snatched it up.


  1. You did extraordinarily well! Did you buy the desk?

  2. Hi Andrea thanks! No I did not buy the desk but I was thinking about it before I saw the condition it was in. As I could see a price tag of $2,500 for a Decorators piece like this at a high end Antique show.

  3. I wish we had an estate sale around here like that. All you can find in this town is avon bottles and beer cans. Help!

  4. Well, that punchbowl is in my mother's pattern (now I have it) and I do love it. I really wish we were neighbors so I could use your amazing buys for my shoots... endless fun. I think your shells are amazing... wish I could use them for a scallop dish but they would turn everything green!!!

  5. Hi Richard you have found a lot of good stuff somewhere as your home is full of treasures! lostpastremembered do you know what the shell shape dishes were used for? They seam to be for food. But I can't think of anything you could use them for without turning them green.

  6. Hello Andrew. I’ve begun following your blog since today, getting the link at my yahoo group, and as I think, you are the person who can help my recent searching. At present, on the Net, I try to find a photo or description or mention of one old mechanical toy/automation, 18th or 19th century, in shape of a big framed picture on a wall. Everyone knows what the wondrous devices look like, 18th or 19th century or earlier and more ancient, but I am searching for something line the one which I saw with my own eyes in the 1960s French movie, which I saw when I was aged six (the title and link I can give), and then I saw anything of the kind never again (neither on TV, nor in another movie, nor in a magazine nor on the Net) which is strange, because the curio was amazingly nice. Perhaps it was a sort of a musical box, only made in shape of a framed canvas. In the picture we could see a young piano-player and his listeners and home pets around. When the mechanism is on, all the flat figures in the picture begin moving and the sweet music begin to sound: the piano-player begins moving his hands, the listeners move their heads rhythmically and the dog moves its little tail. A moving picture, yet not a movie or animation, but an old mechanical picture/toy. And I don’t know right English words which I should use searching for the curio. According to my latest search, it may be called “antique musical picture frame” and can be found in a museum only, but I am not sure and still can’t find an image or even a mention. My question on Yahoo Answers was without result. It’s so interesting to know your thoughts about it.