Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Napoléon's retour d'Egypte style Nécessaire de voyage

Napoléon's retour d'Egypte style Nécessaire de voyage early 19th century



  1. Oh my goodness. You could not have selected a more interesting and useful piece of art than the nécessaire de voyage.

    Of course the ones I have seen, and could afford, were far less glamorous and valuable than Napoleon's, but the principle was the same - everything you could conceivably need for health and beauty, whilst travelling far from home.

  2. I have had one or two of these in my antique career, none as wonderful as this one. Thanks, Richard at

  3. Oh what I would not give to own a early Nécessaire.

  4. I just wished I could see more... I bought the ex an early 19thc traveling desk that I was crazy about but have never seen one of these that wasn't in a museum.. well, at least not of this quality... Can you imagine owning one?? HEAVEN