Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine day! May cupid's bow continue to place love in your heart

A mid 19th century English Victorian tray of Valentines cookies I brought to the Art Gallery that sells my artwork for a Artwalk last Friday.

Happy Valentines day! I hope everyone's day is going well. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day here in Mobile, Alabama. As I write this post the Temperature is 66' degrees and bright and sunny outside. Letting us know that a early Spring might be here as last in the Deep South. I started my day by letting my dog out and calling dear friends all over the world wishing them Happy Valentines day as I eat about three slices in bed of my French Coconut pie. After my calls I did a much needed airing out of my home and some spring cleaning. I I had a Valentine surprise by finding about 30 sprigs of Paperwhite Narcissus blooming on the side of my home. I love paperwhites, I thought they were finished a month ago but I'm sure the warm  weather brought them on. Today on Valentine's day I love to fill my 19th century vases filled with fresh flowers enjoy.

Beautiful pink & white camellia flowers from my garden on the marble base of a gilded pier mirror.

A mix of Beautiful pink & white and red camellias on my mantel top in a 1840's Jacob Petit potpourri pot

Paperwhite Narcissus in a Old Paris porcelain vase and cut glass Bohemian beaker on a work table in my bedroom. Next to the flowers is a French Empire engraving of Cupid and Psyche,Look out for my post on Cupid and Psyche today.

There are so many wonderful songs about love but this one came to mind enjoy.


  1. those cookies look rather lovely as does your tart .

  2. Thanks jaymcfly. Divine Theatre I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day.