Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yesterdays purchase American porcelain or Old Paris

From left to right. Lower left a Marie Antoinette Royal seal medal by Lorthior mercury gold ormolu on bronze ca, 1778. The Queen give out theses medals as gifts to close friends. I'm lucky to own one. Above the medal is a Old Paris porcelain bowl of oranges with a double L monogram. To the back of the table is a water gilded 18th century carved wood fragment. I was in a shop that imported antiques from the South of France. They had a lot of good early French gilt carved wood fragments without price. When I asked the lady working in the shop the price she said I will sell them to you for $20. each although I think the owner wants over a hundred each. I picked out the best ones and called it a day. Next to the fragment is a 1840's Jacob Petit Old Paris porcelain figure of a Turkish Santana and in the front is my most recent purchase 6 1820's-1830's. French Old Paris porcelain or American Tucker porcelain (see my post last month "American Tucker porcelain in the Philadelphia museum of art") cups and saucers painted with gold gilt grapes,vines and leaves.

I just loves theses cups the half egg shape and loupe handle and beautiful mellow glow of the delicate hand painted gold gilt.  

I Cant wait to serve coffee in them.


  1. They are very fragile...

  2. I would perfer Hot Chock. or Tea. You have some good luck shopping. We had a snow and ice blizzard here in Missouri, I have posted a blog about it. Richard at

  3. Thanks Divine Theatre! Richard It was just 70' a few days ago here in Mobile and now it has dropped and we even had hail for a few hours.

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