Friday, February 25, 2011

Mobile's Mardi Gras kicks off with Conde Cavaliers parade

Last Friday night Mobile's Mardi Gras was kick off with the first parade by the Conde Cavaliers. It was a exciting night as the little kid in me comes out during Mardi Gras. My earliest memories are of going to parades as a child here in Mobile, Alabama. Enjoy some of the video's I tuck last Friday of the first parade. Seeing a video and being here are two different things. I have been so busy with Mardi Gras and going to parades every night and this will go on until the 8th of next month! Enjoy the video's.  


  1. I was not aware that Mobil had such a Mardi Gras,Must be fun to be there for that. Thanks for the video. Richard

  2. Hi Richard Yes Mardi Gras in Mobile is a very big thing. I'm have too much fun every day and night.