Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's purchase!

1930's-1950's hand sewn salmon color silk satin down filled quilt/comforter

As you may know just about every morning I go to a few thrift stores. I hardly walk away empty handed. After finding a 19th century hand made Chinese rob in the clothing part of the store a few weeks ago I now make sure I look every time I go in this part of the store. Also because I go so much I see other Antique Dealers sometimes browsing as well. This morning I walked upon a hand sewn salmon color silk satin down filled quilt/comforter.

It is crazy for me to think of it now but when I saw the price of $16.52 for this piece I had to think twice about buying it. Sometimes I can be so cheep! I did ask if it was included in the 50% off and it was not. I liked it, it is in very good condition. I would date it from the 1930's thru the 1950's. Someone had taken very good care of it as there are no stains, fading on the piece and I could tell it was recently dry cleaned. The Luxurious piece is a nice size as it would fit a Queen size bed and has very fine hand stitches!

This particular thrift store always get in high end items or good antiques from some of Old Mobile's finest estates. Sadly most of the high end items come here when people die and family's send the entire household of stuff to the stores. As I paid for the quilt and walked the heavy thing home it grew on me more as I figured out the beautiful salmon would go well with my French blue silk damask curtains and bed cover and late 18th century Neoclassical Iron red Toile de Jouy pillows! Plus it would also go great in the Pink/Gray guest bedroom project but I'm now too in love with this piece and it is staying on my bed.

A few months back I was looking at new down filled comforters and they were white cotton priced at $300-$600 just for feathers, down was $700 and up. I glad I did not buy one as I got a bargain on something vintage and more in keeping with my home. This piece reminds me so much of the Golden period of Hollywood! Something Mae West would be laying on in some campy Art Deco Tinsel Town movie. 
The salmon colored silk satin quilt with the back of a French Napoleon lll period Louis XVI style water gold leafed settee at the foot of my bed.

The salmon colored silk satin fits in well with other fabrics in my bedroom at top a French blue silk damask curtains and bed cover and bottom late 18th century Neoclassical Iron red Toile de Jouy pillows!

In this photo you can see my French blue silk damask curtains with a hand blown early 19th century Mercury glass curtain tieback. The Louis XVI chair was made in Paris in the 1780's. On the chair is a 18th century fan. The 1820's late Federal worktable was made in Baltimore.

On this wall you see some of my 18th century French hand colored engravings in there original gold leafed frames. The colors in the engravings pick up colors in the bedroom.


  1. What a thrill! May I ask you to show more photographs of your lovely home, please?

  2. Hi Divine Theatre . Thanks for your complement! My house is a mess! I needs to be restored which I'm slowly doing myself plus it's full of junk and I'm still living out of boxes a year after my move. When I do photograph my house it is only small tidbits because of all of this. If I showed you all of a room it would look like the city dump.

  3. Hi - this is kind of a weird question but can you take a photo of it from directly above ? i need this sort of texture for the background of an album cover and this looks perfect - if you wouldnt mind. Anyway let me know - my email is