Thursday, January 13, 2011

A friends backyard in New Orleans, Louisiana

Pet peacock on a early 19th century French olive jar from Provence


  1. Oh how magnificent is he... and he's posing in such a way that it could be framed as Art! Several of the old Estate properties here in AZ still have free roaming Peacocks on the grounds, guess during the Victorian Era it was fashionable to have them on Estates and they tend to enjoy the warm weather here and flourish.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Oh, What I would not give to have a peacock at my house.Rules say No. Richard at

  3. I took my daughter to the Brookfield Zoo. How I loathe the zoo! Those poor animals!
    There was a lone peacock wandering the grounds and some wretched woman was laughing as her equally wretched child was chasing it and trying to pull its tail feathers. It was out in the open and as I stood there pondering whether to initiate a brawl, the peacock ran to me and hid behind my legs. When I walked, he walked. When I turned, he turned. So I stood there, peacock at my feet until the loathesome creatures departed. He stayed that way for about 10 more minutes and when he decided he was safe again he walked toward a grove of trees!

  4. @ Bohemian Here in the South they were used as decorative during the day and burglar alarms at night as they scream when people walk around a property at night. @ Richard Cottrell I would love one also. The house is small with a tiny backyard that's caged in so it will not get lose. @ Divine Theatre interesting story, I glad you were there to save him people can be so crazy.