Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Entertaining in one's bedroom!

My bedroom. Table set for coffee. 1830's Louisiana made Cypress tapered leg table. The mahogany Federal side chair was made in New York city in the 1790's. Behind the table a Napoleon lll period Louis XVI style gilded settee circa 1850-60 with 18th century framed English prints from The story of a country maid.  

It is a custom of old that I also follow . In 18th century France and French Louisiana from the Royal family, aristocrats & the bourgeoisie guest might be served tea, coffee a light meal or be entertained by music in the host's bedroom. Also 18th century France aristocratic lady's sent out invitations to both men and women to view them bathing! The owner of the bedroom might also have meals in ones bedroom like Breakfast or lunch. During this time rooms had multi functions.

The English were not as big on entertaining house guest in there bedrooms but a few did it. Also some upper class Anglo-Saxons in America received guest in bedrooms but this was usually done if the lady of the house was sick or pregnant, she could still receive guest and entertain them while in bed. By the end of the 18th century having small well appointed intimate rooms were more in favor then the large grand cold room of the first half of the 18th century.

By the late 18th century many pictorial representations in the form of engravings and painting known as genre, represent scenes or events from everyday life, became very popular especially intimate interior scenes usually bedrooms. Looking at theses prints and paintings tell us how people entertain in small quarters, How they decorated and furnished there homes and a lot about fashion and colors.

Marie Antoinette Playing the Harp in her bedroom at Versailles

On the table from the left a Reed & Barton silver plate Rococo Revival Coffee pot and creamer dating from the 1850's , a pair of Old Paris porcelain cups circa 1850. A American coin silver spoon circa 1820.  A circa 1815 Empire vase painted with a woman drinking red wine with red Camellias from my garden. Next to it a Old Paris porcelain troubadour style candlestick circa 1840. A French monogrammed linen napkin circa 1860. A dessert plate with Trompe-l'œil fruit painted in the center. And a 18th century Old Paris porcelain footed stand painted with cornflowers. Once in the collection of Alva Vanderbilt also from Mobile, AL . Alva was famous for marrying William Kissam Vanderbilt,  She was Known for having an aristocratic manner that antagonized many people. She maneuvered her daughter Consuelo into marrying Charles Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough on 6 November 1895. Alva had a very interesting life. I will have a post on her soon. Two lady's from Mobile Alabama marred into the prominent Vanderbilt family.  

Late Repentance by Lawreince Nicolas, le Jeune

The consolation for the absence by Lawreince Nicolas, le Jeune


  1. I could give you the provenence of items in my bedroom starting with: dust bunny, circa 2010!

  2. What gorgeous dishes... I only wish there were more closeups!! Love the table... perfect counterpoint to the gold!

  3. Everything in my house is covered in dust. This is the dustiest place I have ever lived in. Plus I only dust every 3-4 months but a few days after I dust everything is covered in dust anyway. Thanks lostpastremembered click on the photo's and you can see closeups.

  4. Also I have always loved to mix primitive furniture with fine pieces.

  5. Andrew I wish I lived closer to you. Marshel

  6. Hi Marshel you are up in North Alabama were all of the Good primitive pieces are.