Sunday, May 1, 2016

Study of a Southern Gentleman

"Study of a Southern Gentleman" by Andrew LaMar Hopkins 

My painting titled "Study of a Southern Gentleman" shows the well appointed Antebellum study of a Southern Gentleman. The room is furnished with American made pieces like the 1820's New York city sofa the gentleman is sitting on and the 1820's New York secretary bookcase. A ancestral portrait dating from the early 19th century hangs to the right of the mantel. All other furniture is imported and collected in Europe during the "Grand Tour" travels in Europe. Like the Italian Classical carved marble mantel.  The circa 1800 English Eglomise painted mirror over the mantel.

 The copy of the marble mask of Apollo over the secretary. The Old Master copy of Orpheus over the sofa. Wealthy Americans taking the "Grand Tour" of Europe often had contemporary artist copy famous paintings they saw and liked in museums to bring back home to America.  To the right of the painting is a French Charles X barometer with a lyre on top mimicking the Classical lyre in the painting of Orpheus! Next to the fireplace is a French Louis Philippe Bergère. Hanging in the center of the room is a English regency bronze oil chandelier. To finish the room off are fresh cut Magnona in a cast iron urn on the mantel. 12 x 16. Available.  

1820's New York Classical secretary bookcase

Circa 1800 English Neoclassical Eglomise painted mirror

1830's French Louis Philippe chairs 

Early 19th century portrait. 

French Charles X barometer with a lyre on top

Classical cast iron urn 

English regency bronze oil chandelier

Italian Classical carved marble mantel

1830's Classical sofa 

Orpheus - Attributed to Hugues Jean François Paul Duqueylard 

"Study of a Southern Gentleman" by Andrew LaMar Hopkins 12 x 16. Acrylic on canvas Available. 

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