Thursday, May 26, 2016

Window shopping in Paris

Wonderful antique jewelry in a Paris window.  

The expression for "window-shopping" in French is faire du lèche-vitrines (literally, "window-licking"). By far Paris, France has some of the most beautiful window displays in all of the world. I love walking around Paris different districts, window shopping, especially for antiques.  The photo's of antique jewelry was talking across the street from my favorate Paris Roman Catholic church Saint-Sulpice, in the Luxembourg Quarter of the 6th arrondissement. 

Church of Saint-Sulpice, Paris


  1. Yes, indeed, Paris has some of the most creative and beautiful window displays of anywhere I've had the privilege of traveling. Even the smaller shops take pride in their windows.

    1. Chronica Domus, you are right. This was a small shop and everything was so artfully arranged and displayed.

  2. I have never got to jewelry window shop in Paris
    My nose would have been right against the glass LOL

    I love antique jewelry and only have a couple pieces one a large brooch with ladies portrait on looks like stone maybe fine china? I'll show it on my blog sometime
    I so enjoy your pictures of your adventures in Paris