Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A visit to Lucullus Antiques

A lovely plate setting in Lucullus Antique shop in the French Quarter. 

Yesterday I posted about a 18th century garden flower sprig decorated gravy boat that I bought on ebay. Today I went for a visit to my favorite French Quarter Antique shop, Lucullus. Named after Lucius Licinius Lucullus a Roman general famous for his luxurious banquets & enormous consumption of food. Lucullus is a upscale shop for French culinary antiques, with furniture, tools & serving pieces, plus design services. I met the proprietor, Patrick Dunne in the mid 1990's when I was a teenager and had just moved to New Orleans from Mobile, Alabama. 

I have stayed friends over the years! Looking at the elegant antiques in this amazing shop is a feat for the eyes! The displays and vignettes are carefully chosen for the utmost pleasure of the eyes!  The shop window displays have themselves become a destination for many people walking in the historic Vieux Carre.  Both the casual collector and serious connoisseur will certainly find something at Lucullus to please them. The beautiful showrooms open up onto a lush Elegance and Decadence original patio, which evokes the quintessential New Orleans experience and provides the perfect setting for the collection of antique garden furniture and ornaments. 

A wonderful 18th century French porcelain dinner plate in the garden sprig pattern.  

Wonderful 1820's Charles X champagne flutes 

Neoclassical Ormolu on a armoire 

Wonderful early cut glass 

Louis Philippe champagne flutes, I think it was in this shop in my teens when I discovered Louis Philippe champagne flutes. I have had a love for them ever since.    

A wonderful French Restoration period portico clock under its original dome! 

A nice Old paris porcelain dinner service. 

A cornflower decorated sauce boat on stand. 

The courtyard has so much patina 

18th & 19th century French Brass candlesticks 

18th and 19th French century cooper 

A carved wood and gilded French chandelier.   

Back when I first meet the proprietor, Patrick Dunne. I was making miniatures out of clay of French decorate arts like these miniatures of Old paris vases & plates still on display at Lucullus. 

610 Chartres Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 528-9620

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