Thursday, May 19, 2016

In Memoriam to "Southern Belle" Hopkins 1997-2011

Belle on her mid 19th century Rococo Revival sofa at le château de Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland. This sofa was later sold to the Lincoln center in New York city to be in a play about Abraham Lincoln.

Today is a sad day at le château de Hopkins. Today is the 5 year anniversary of losing my baby "Southern Belle! I miss her so much!

Belle at Mount Vernon park, Baltimore, Maryland. 

Gluck - Dance of the Blessed Spirits

Belle at a friends house in Baltimore. 

Belle sleeping in Baltimore at le château de Hopkins.

Belle sitting on a 1850's rosewood chair at le château de Hopkins.

Belle was a big lap dog, at a party in Baltimore, Maryland. 


  1. What a sweet face! Lovely doggie. : )

  2. Dogs are as cherished as family members. So it is a shame that dogs live only 12-14 years, or whatever their average life expectancy is.

    I adored my big black labrador dog "Emperor Rudolf II of Prague", but the bigger the dog, the fewer years he will live :(

    1. Hi Hels, I love pets but have not had one since the loss of Belle, It's a lot to go thru losing a member of your family.