Monday, May 2, 2016

Today's purchases, a 18th c Old Paris porcelain Gravy Boat.

A late 18th century Old Paris porcelain Gravy Boat w/ Attached Underplate painted with sprigs of garden flowers circa 1780's. 

Yesterday evening I was the lucky winner on ebay for this lovely late 18th century Gravy Boat with Attached Underplate. Handpainted with sprigs of garden flowers and borders trimmed in gold gilt sawtooth. This was a common pattern in late 18th century French porcelain. Even the Sèvres factory made dinner services in the garden flower sprig pattern. Over the years I have collected late 18th century porcelain in this pattern. Finding a large set or any set of porcelain dinnerware from the 18th century is rare and expensive. Piecing together a service in the same pattern in easier and can be cheaper.  This gravy boat was advertised as being by the porcelain factory Locré, but the piece is not signed. Sometimes every piece in a dinner service was not signed.  

   According to Régine Plinval de Guillebon, the author of the book "The porcelains of Paris" The three most important porcelain works in Paris by 1779, were Locré, Rue Thiroux and Clignancourt. They made the same type of objects as the famous (but much more expensive) Sèvres factory: a wide range table and tea wares and useful items such as writing sets, toilet articles and tobacco-related items. A variety of painted and gilded decoration was used from simple floral sprigs to elaborate Etruscan, neo-classical or other fashionable designs. 

The shape of the Grave Boat is Louis XV Rococo 

A fruit and branch handle on the lid 

A 18th century dinner plate in my collection from the Rue Thiroux factory in sprigs of garden flowers pattern. This factory was patronized by French Queen Marie Antoinette. Marked with a crown A. 

In my collection, Four French Louis XVI period antique 18th century Old Paris porcelain ribbed plates, dishes from the Boissettes porcelain factory located outside of Paris in operation from ca. 1778-ca. 1785. The plates are decorated with handpainted garden flowers and gilt dentil border.

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