Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My latest work "Alabama French Creole"

This is a well appointed bedroom of a Alabama French Creole in the period of the mid 19th century. Most people would not think of Alabama being Creole but Mobile began as the first capital of colonial French Louisiana in 1702. Before New Orleans was founded in 1718. This late 1840's bedroom shows the latest fashion of "French Antique furniture from the warerooms of Prudence Mallard. Born in France Mallard was guild-trained in his native country in the Rococo Revival style. In the 1829 he emigrated to the United States. And in 1830's he opened a shop in New Orleans. The American Rococo Revival rosewood single-door armoire & duchesse, a marble top dressing table for which Mallard is noted for. Over the mantel is a gold gilt large French mid 19th century Rococo Revival mantel mirror. On the mantel a pair of Old Paris porcelain green and gilt trumpet shaped vases with camellias in them, The state flower of Alabama. The portrait or Christ over the duchesse dressing table is Spanish Colonial in a Baroque gold gilt frame. The architecture of the room is Greek Revival with a Faux grained mantel painted to look Black Egyptian gold vain marble. The plaster cornice molding is plain with blue painted walls.


  1. Andrew I just found your June 1st comment on my plantation desk. The one you found down there sounds great. I would love to own three or more myself! I think your artwork is really good; my favorite of all is the one of the Baltimore bachelors. My favorite color is yellow ( Not sure what that means; either I'm very positive or very cautious? ) Anyway, thank you for being my first blog follower and I'll keep up with your blog also. My sister lives in Fairhope. Marshel

  2. Hi Marshel The Baltimore Bachelors painting was double the size you see on the site. I scanned the paintings and my scanner was not big to fit all of the painting. I love Fairhope I go all the time to Antique shops. I find something great every time I go.