Monday, June 7, 2010

Corner of my parlor part two

Corner of my parlor

My Rosewood Rococo Revival furniture is in storage in New Orleans one of the fun places I use to live. So as of now my parlor is almost bare. I did paint the walls a faded French blue from a 1830's Louis Philippe engraving. I hung the antique silk damask drapery that I bought in Baltimore on Howard street. I hung a pair of 1850's portraits of husband and wife on each end of the window. There eyes follow you around the room. In front of one window is a copy that I had made of a 18th century French Louisiana Creole table with Old Paris porcelain objects & carved 18th century water gilded fragments. the other window has a singed 1851 portrait of a woman in mourning in it's original gold gilt Rococo Revival frame. Between the windows are a pair of 1840 late classical chairs from a set of 4 attributed to African American antebellum cabinetmaker Thomas Day. With turn of the century pedestal holding a large 1850's Old Paris porcelain flared vase with painting of people in gondolas in a beautiful land and waterscape . I have been marbleizing the baseboards to look like Black Egyptian gold vain marble popular in America during the first half of the 19th century. I have order handblocked French wallpaper border of red drapery swag with gold tassels that pick up colors in the room. 

                                 Early 19th century style French classical handblocked wallpaper border

Pair of French 1850's Carcel lamps with mid 19th century wax Shrine doll of Jesus I bought in the South of France {note that Jesus is depicted as a boy form the 1850's with popular corn ringlets hair style}

The original hardwood heart pine floors are covered in linoleum and I will restore them. When finished the parlor with have two 1850's New Orleans rosewood sofa's facing each other with a 1840's Empire marble top center table in the center. Side table to the sofa's will be Federal and Empire work tables. Damask covered Rococo Revival arm, side and balloon back chairs will be scattered all around the room. My 1850's Gilt pier mirror with marble top base between the front door and window. A 1820's Baltimore plantation desk made of Cuban mahogany with oval Rococo gilt mirror over the desk. To the side of the sofa a 1830's Alabama made cherry wood jelly cupboard with a pair of 1850's Paris made Carcel lamps made of pressed gilt brass with a 1850's French shrine doll of baby Jesus made of wax, blond human hair under it's original glass dome. When finished the room will be a show place of mid 19th century style and grace although it might not be a comfortable room to sit in for my friends. It's what I want and like. Sometimes you have to treat your self.

1830's Alabama made cherry wood jelly cupboard

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