Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Old Paris porcelain coffee set & Free Woman of color plate

Chinoiserie Coffee and Tea Service, c. 1820. Made by Denuelle


 At The Art Institute of Chicago in the European Decorative Arts Gallery 232. Is this exquisite Coffee and Tea Service, c. 1820. Made by Denuelle Porcelain Manufactory Paris, France (1818-1829) Hard-paste porcelain, dark blue (bleu royale) ground, polychrome enamels and gilding. This set is beautifully decorated in Royal blue background color with colorful Chinoiserie décor fairyland of foliage and buildings, in etched gold gilt with polychrome enamel animated Chinese mandarin figures. This set is top of the line some of the finest porcelain of this period coming out of Paris and equal to the more famous Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory. Denuelle was famous for his Chinoiserie painted porcelain, a French term, signifying "Chinese-esque", He was also noted for his tortoise-shell grounds on porcelain. He was the supplier by special appointment to the Duchesse de Berry and from 1834-1848 he bore the title of supplier to the Queen.



 Also by this factory is a wonderful cabinet plate I came cross some years ago decorated with a beautiful rare painting of a Free woman of color from Barbados. This plate is one from a set of plates Denuelle painted showing the people of the world in there costumes. Most of them copied from engraving as this plate was copied from a 18th century engraving. This plate has fine engraved Neoclassical gold gilt border that Denuelle was known for.

The Barbados Mulatto Girl

Detail of The Barbados Mulatto Girl

18th century engraving Denuelle copied onto the plate

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