Monday, June 13, 2016

Today's purchases

A set of 8 French Old Paris porcelain Napoleon lll period dessert plates, hand painted with fruit and flowers with gold gilt and platinum trim borders decorated by Victor Etienne & Fils of Paris, France, Circa 1850-1870. 

Over the past week I have bought some wonderful 18th & 19th century Old Paris porcelain from ebay, to add to my ever growing collection. Including in these purchases are a fabulous set of Napoleon lll period circa 1850-1870 fancy dessert bowls, each hand painted with fruit and flowers! The burgundy trimmed borders have gold gilt and platinum trim. Each bowl is signed on the back in iron red for the decorating firm of Frenchman Victor Etienne.

The porcelain plates were made in Limoges France.  After 1830 because of pollution The king of the French Louis Philippe band the manufactory of porcelain in the city of Paris. It had to be made outside of the city. After this period most porcelain was made in Limoges, France and painted/decorated in Paris. Like these beautiful bowls. I can't wait to get them and used them at my next dinner or lunch!

The address of this Paris decorating firm is 29 Rue de Paradis. The street is located in the west of 10th arrondissement of Paris ( district of Porte-Saint-Denis ), between the 95 of the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis and the 64 of the Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière. In 1710 the area was called The Paradise formerly Les Prés of God Daughters was even the site of a garden belonging to the religious community of the Filles-Dieu .

in the 19th century this fashionable Street of Paradis was "the" street of the crystal and china and other earthenware due to the proximity of the Paris-Est station that allowed the transport of materials from the Lorraine particular.

About 1831 Baccarat , the Company of Saint Louis Crystal and two other glass, Choisy-le-Roi and Bercy, moved to this fashionable Parisian street, "Barbier, Launay et Cie" then "Launay Hautin and Co.", located at n o  30 or 30a or 32 of the rue de Paradis-Poissonnière, current street Paradis, distribution of their products.

1850, Baccarat and the Company of Saint Louis Crystal resume only local, which it remains today only the street facade, dated 1832.

The Company of Saint Louis Crystal Place is a deposit 3 as the Baccarat house that also installs a bronze workshop there.

Baccarat house there were 246 employees in 189 .

This building later became the Baccarat museum until 2003 and will host a time the Pinacoteca of Paris from 2003.

According to the historical landmark affixed by the city of Paris was in the xix th  century on the site a post house for "diligence in eastern France."

Each plate has different hand painted Trompe l'oeil fruits & flowers. A nice antique design rolls around the rim. Then there's a gold & platinum border on the edge. All hand painted.

The quality of the handpainted Trompe l'oeil fruit is amazing 

The decorator's mark of Victor Etienne & Fils