Friday, June 10, 2016

The dance of the night-blooming cereus.

The delicate night-blooming cereus in full bloom @ le château de Hopkins.

While having dinner with my good friend Peter last night at his Bourbon street home in the French Quarter. I asked him what was the flower he wanted to know if I had seen in a French Quarter courtyard at a party I attended last weekend. Peter replied come with me into the courtyard. He showed me this exotic flower hanging from the balcony of a 1820's building behind his main house. I have been in Peter's courtyard many times but never noticed this plant. He told me it was originally from South America and brought to Creole New Orleans in the 19th century. He invited me to pull the one I was looking at that was still close. It was around 10:30 at night! 

Peter told me they only bloom at night and only for a few hours, mostly when he is asleep. I pulled the funny looking blossom that was still closed and walked home to put it in water. I did not expect for it to open since it was plucked and as I stayed up late with things to do I noticed  it starting to open. The most wonderful intoxicating fragrance admitted from it. The opening of the beautiful flower before my eyes was one of the most amazing things I have seen in a long time. The wonders of nature. At the same time I was a little worried as in the back of my mind I could think of the movie "The Little Shop of Horrors"  and hear "Feed me! Seymour" I was up most of the night to see the wonderful transformation of this amazing flower! I awoke this morning to find a wilted bud. I consider myself very lucky. Few have ever seen this flower let alone experienced its intoxicating scent.

The delicate night-blooming cereus hanging from Peter's balcony 

The beautiful exotic night-blooming cereus! It is displayed in a 1830's Jacob Petit Old Paris porcelain perfume bottle made for a French aristocrat @ le château de Hopkins.

The next morning the beautiful dance of this flower is finish! 

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