Friday, August 8, 2014

Cabinet des Fables" from the hôtel Dangé, Paris, 1755

The woodwork was made for the former town Villemaré, 9 place Vendôme, in the redevelopment under General farmer Francis Balthazar Dange, who was acquired in 1750 Located on the first floor instead of the boudoir Madame Dange, intimate room, lower ceiling than the rest of the apartment was decorated with scenes from the Fables of La Fontaine, in frames quietly carved rococo patterns in shades of pink highlighted green.
The play was radically restored after 1849 when the hotel was assigned to Headquarters 1 st Military Division (then in 1870 to the military governor of Paris). The woodwork was then largely painted and carved elements are gold, giving a richer, more austere character piece. This occupation army continued until the decommissioning of the hotel in 1898, the date of removal of the woodwork.

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