Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christmas time at the Hopkins Home

On the marble base of a gilt-wood pier table are mid 19th century Old Paris porcelain figures of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert by Jacob Petit with a glitter Christmas tree in-between, reminding us that the Christmas tree of today was first made popular in the US by the British Royals. The Christmas tree is a German tradition brought to England by German Prince Albert.   

This engraving from Christmas of 1848 of the Royal family around a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle was published by the London Illustrated News and went viral as we would say today. Everybody in England and America had to have a Christmas tree. The triangular shape representing the trinity.  

A 1820’s gold leafed “Thomas Sully” framed pier mirror sports a brass, green & red glitter bell wreath at top.

A 1820’s English portrait of a boy is garnished with a sprig of local kumquats as well as a gilt acanthus leaf bracket holding A Rococo Revival Old Paris porcelain vase

On a early 19th century Baltimore fancy pier table a rare 1820’s American Classical porcelain tea set attributed to the Decasse & Chanou factory of New York city has sprigs of kumquats in-between the pieces.

Displayed on a Baltimore fancy pier table is a rare New York city made 1820’s white and gold porcelain tea set attributed to the short lived  New York city porcelain factory Decasse & Chanou

The Black dinning room mantel painted to look like black slate is simply decorated with citrus and kumquat sprigs, the 1851 portrait has a burgundy and gold bow at top.     

Detail of mantel top decorations with citrus and fresh kumquat sprigs

A 1830’s Old Paris porcelain painted plaque in a Louis XVI frame has cypress sprigs and a single red Camellia flower from my garden as decoration.

A ornate French Napoleon lll gold leaf oval mirror has a sprig of cypress at the top.  

In a corner of the bedroom a pair of 18th century French wax profiles of Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI receive a red camellia while the Round hand colored engraving in the center by Angelica Kauffman in it’s original carved gilt-wood frame receives a sprig of cypress  

At the Top Marie Antoinette

French King Louis XVI

The Engraving in the center is by Angelica Kauffman in it’s original carved gilt-wood

In the corner of the Winter Bedroom, an Empire dresser is decorated with a bouquet of red Camellias in a American cut glass vase. The “Thomas Sully mirror has cypress sprigs as well as a burgundy bow. The framed engravings of portraits by Neoclassical French artist David also has cypress sprigs.     

Detail of  bouquet of red Camellias in a American cut glass vase. The framed engravings of portraits by Neoclassical French artist David also has cypress sprigs.     

A mahogany work table used as a nightstand has a white glitter Christmas tree

In the Winter Bedroom over the bed a 18th century French pastel portrait of a young Aristocrat is decorated with a turquoise and silver bells hanging from top of the frame. On the bracket the 18th century porcelain tea pot from Marie Antoinette’s factory Rue Thiroux is surrounded by fresh Christmas greenery.  

Behind a beautiful Christmas Angel is a Period French Empire needlepoint of the Madonna & child in it’s original Neoclassical gilt-wood frame.

A 1840’s portrait miniature on ivory of a Southern Belle has a red camellia at top as decoration

A art glass ornament hangs from the skeleton key of a 1820’s Mobile, Alabama made plantation desk.

Another art glass ornament hangs from atop a carved gilt-wood altar candlestick  

On a home altar, a mid 19th century Bohemian Emerald glass chalice shaped vase with portraits of Queen Victoria’s daughters painted around it has a festive touch of red camellias.      

On a home altar, a 18th century French Provençal ivory crucifixion gets sprigs of holly   

As well as a Old Paris porcelain figure of a 18th century Dandy

A 18th century Louisiana Cherry & Cypress cabriole leg table is nestled in the middle of a pair of English Regency Mahogany Classical chairs    

Atop the 18th century Louisiana Cherry & Cypress cabriole leg table is a Holiday tāt`å`tāt for two  

Atop the 18th century Louisiana Cherry & Cypress cabriole leg table is a Holiday tāt`å`tāt for two  

A stack of early Victorian engravings of  English Sovereigns

A 18th century cornflower and gilt-star decorated dish holds Pecan Divinity atop a plaster Ionic capital  

A bouquet of red camellias sit atop a gilt Old Paris porcelain plate.    

On a Victorian silver tray a 19th century French gilt Baccarat crystal Swirl pattern pitcher awaits a Holiday beverage  

A late 18th century English lusterware bulb pot is sprouting with paper whites

A English Regency Mahogany Classical chair holds Rococo Revival gilt decorated Old Paris desserts plates.    

A French 1850’s wax figure of baby Jesus under dome has decoration at top of a cranberry wreath

The 19th century wine colored damask drapes and Napoleon III velvet covered side chair ads to the festive sprit of decoration

A 1850’s Rococo Revival gilt pier mirror decorated for the Christmas  season

A French Paris porcelain figure of Queen Victoria on the base of a pier mirror  

Christmas cards displayed on the top of a Empire dresser


  1. Dreamy...
    Have you been out shopping lately? Curious as to what's new at the Hopkin's home!


  2. Hi Divine Theatre, Thanks for stopping by. Most of the stuff in the photo’s I have had for years. The gold and white tea set is new. I have bought a lot over the last past few months. I will be posting it after Mardi Gras.