Saturday, February 25, 2012

Antiques I'm thinking about buying

A book matched Federal mahogany Massachusetts made early 19th century card table on turned reeded legs ending in brass balls.  

The wood in the front is book-matched. You've got matched panels cut from the same flitch of wood, and that carried around the side.

An American made early 19th century regency style saber leg side chair

A large pair of mid 19th century Rococo Revival Old Paris porcelain figural candlesticks of a 18th century couple

A vintage decorative plaster of Paris rams head  

A vintage copy of a 18th century French key stone made of plaster of Paris

This is a very good copy of a 18th century French face key stone. The plaster of Paris is nicely painted to look like the weathered stone original. It would look great over a doorway in my home or over my kitchen sink.  


  1. Don't start me on tilt top tables.... love them as I love any Klismos-inspired chair. I think they are winners... used to have them in my old house's center hall. A beautiful thing. I'd get them!

  2. The mahogany early 19th century card table on turned reeded legs ending in brass balls!!! Not only are they terrific to play bridge and games on... but such tables can be pushed out of the way when space is limited. It still functions very nicely as a side table, with no games paraphernalia in sight.

  3. HI Andrew. Buy the table or the chair. The other stuff breaks. Marshel

  4. Yes I’m leaning more towards the furniture. I can always use more chairs and tables.

  5. I love the Old Paris,I've seen many a table and chair like that, although they are nice. Maybe if you don't get the Old Paris, you could tell me where it is. Thanks, Richard from My Old Historic House.