Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Paris porcelain Sauce Boats

Old Paris porcelain Sauce Boats/Gravy tureens from my collection on antique French silk green velvet

From my collections I have selected a few examples of Old Paris porcelain Sauce tureens or gravy boats. Old Paris porcelain was a porcelain made in and around Paris, France beginning around 1770 until 1870. Some of the first Paris factory's became under the patronage of the French Royal family. Most pieces of Paris porcelain from the 18th century are marked with factory mark. Paris porcelain from the mid 19th century are mostly unmarked. The mid 19th century was a period were every ship coming from France to America was loaded with French porcelain for the growing American middle-class, mostly made in Limoges, France and decorated in Paris.

18th C Sauce tureen from the Count of Provence factory brother of French King Louis XVI

Detail of painting on 18th C Sauce tureen from the Count of Provence factory

Used in the 18th and 19th century during elaborate dinners in France and America sauce tureens were sold as pairs along with a porcelain dinner service. Some large dinner services had four or more as dessert sauce was serve during the dessert course. In France Sauces were very important during a meal. Most sauce tureens look like miniature soup tureens with a separate under platter or attached platter to the Sauce tureen. There is some type of finial on top of the lid with a place on the rim of the lid cut out so a Sauce ladles handle can hang out. There is always some type of decorative motif on the ends they are sometimes in the shapes of gilded scrolled acanthus leaf or face mask.

Damaged 18th c Sauce tureen from the Marie Antoinette's factory cornflower pattern

Mid 19th century Rococo Revival Paris porcelain sauce tureen

18th century Paris porcelain Sauce tureen with scattered flower sprigs

Neoclassical Louis Philippe period footed dessert sauce tureen marked Ed Honore. Ed Honore sent his sons to North & South America to market porcelains for his factory. President James K. Polk ordered a dinner and dessert service from this factory.

   I started collecting Old Paris porcelain Sauce tureens about 20 years ago when I was in my early teens. I was attracted to the miniature tureen shape, different colors and designs. I have bought a few that were missing lids just because the shape was rare or early. A sauce tureen with missing lid could be used to display cut flowers for a Summer brunch! 15 years ago when I first started to go to France you could pick up Paris porcelain Sauce Tureens for $20. or $30. dollars. Tureens missing lids were $5 dollars years ago. I have seen Sauce Tureens missing lids starting all at $100 at the flea markets in France today. I entertain using my collection of Sauce tureens for what they were made for sauce & gravy. But I also have fun with them and will use a few to serve vegetables in like peas or beans for a intimate dinner for two. Thy are the right size. Are I will use my collection to serve each guest his or her own personal miniature tureen of soup!
1840's Rococo Revival Paris porcelain sauce tureen with monogram

Empire period gold and white sauce tureen with Egyptian Revival face mask

Wedding band gold and white Old Paris sauce tureen 1850's

Peach band and gilt Sauce boat with fig finial 1850's-60's


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