Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Becky's Birthday party

Désirée Joséphine Duplantier and the birthday girl Becky! 

Last week Désirée Joséphine Duplantier attended a wonderful birthday party of a good friend Becky. I have known Becky for over 11 years. I first met her and her husband Bob right before Hurricane Katrina as they were renting a lovely 1820's Creole house from another good friend Peter. We have kelp in touch all this time. After Hurricane Katrina when I moved to Baltimore, Bob and Becky would let me stay in the French Quarter weekend place. On one of these visits Becky made me one of my favorate Southern desserts. Blackberry cobbler! I still have the photo of it. I was out all day and when I returned a warm homemade cobbler was waiting for me on a marble nightstand. I will never forget this. The birthday party was fabulous. Upon arrival  Désirée Joséphine Duplantier was handed a 1850's coin silver mint juip cup with a wonderful cocktail inside! It was nice to see old Friends and make new ones. A good time was had by all. 

A surprise homemade blackberry cobbler left on my night stand. I friend actually made this for me.

Désirée Joséphine Duplantier getting ready for the party 

Wonderful 19th century Old Paris porcelain cornflower pattern dinner plates! 

Wonderful 19th century Old Paris porcelain wedding band & cornflower pattern dinner plates! 

Baked vegetables 

Pork roast stuffed with garlic and peppers. 


o'dourves on a Old Paris porcelain platter. 

19th century cut glass. 

Désirée Joséphine Duplantier

Désirée Joséphine Duplantier

Désirée Joséphine Duplantier

The birthday girl. 

The Birthday cake. 

The birthday party! 

Désirée Joséphine Duplantier cake and 1850's coin silver mint julip cup 

The famous Poppy Tooker, culinary activist cutting the cake. 

Birthday wishes! 

Désirée Joséphine Duplantier and the birthday girl Becky! 


  1. Just beautiful, my friend. I would love to have been there.


  2. Thank you Divine Theatre we have lots of partys here.

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