Friday, December 2, 2016

A day at the Porte de Vanves flea market in Paris

A collection of Antiques I bought at the Paris flea market. 

While in France last month I had a chance to go to my favorate antique market 3 times. These are my purchases from the first visit to the Porte de Vanves flea market. I was extremely happy with my purchases as everything I got is something I had been wanting for some time. My first purchase was a wonderful French 19th Century Yellow Glazed Duck Confit Jar. Extremely popular and costly when you see them in America I had never owned one until now. The 2th purchase was a very nice single 1820's Charles X cut champagne flute. And then I happened on 6 matching 1830's Louis Philippe Champagne flutes. The French gentleman only had one out. I asked if he had more and he said yes and unwrapped them.  

When he saw my excitement to own the set of Louis Philippe Champagne glass he complimented me on my good taste in antique glass and told a story of his fond memory of him and his mother only drinking champagne out of Louis Philippe period champagne flutes. I own a few single Louis Philippe Champagne flutes but not a matched set. I was very happy to get them. And my last purchase was a large round 18th century Faïence de Rouen platter. Last Spring I was helping a friend with antiques with a exchange in antiques for my help. One of the items I got was a 18th century Faïence de Rouen platter, that I hung over a doorway in my apt. I was looking for another 18th century Faïence de Rouen platter to balance the room out. At the end of my month stay in France I went to many French flea markets and ended up shipping 6 boxes of antiques back home to New Orleans! 

18th century Faïence de Rouen platter 

1830's French cut glass Louis Philippe period Champagne flutes 

French 19th Century Yellow Glazed Duck Confit Jar. 

French 19th Century Yellow Glazed Duck Confit Jar.

18th century Faïence de Rouen platter 


  1. Such splendid finds and I can very well understand how you could not resist those divine champagne flutes! I own a dozen of the British version, circa 1820, and I must say they do look similar to their French cousins.

    1. Thank you Chronica Domus! Wow to have 12 matching champagne flutes is a dream! Can't wait to go back to France to ad more to my collection.