Thursday, July 14, 2016

My latest painting, titled "Antoine James de Marigny"

My latest painting is titled "Antoine James de Marigny" 11 x 14 Available.

My latest painting is titled "Antoine James de Marigny". It is apart of a ongoing series of painting of "Creoles in doorways" it depicts the son of famous Bernard de Marigny de Mandeville and Anna Mathilde Morales. Antoine James de Marigny is in his French officer’s uniform. He is standing in his parents lavishly furnished Marigny plantation house at the foot of Elysian Fields Avenue, named after the Champs-Élysées in Paris. The room has gray and white marble floors, The baseboards are painted to look like Egyptian gold vein marble. A eagle Card table by Deming and Bulkley, New York City, ca. 1825. Rosewood. 

A Duncan Phyfe & Son Restoration style armchair. A Regency Part-ebonized giltwood octagonal convex mirror circa 1810. And a portrait of Lafayette as a lieutenant general, in Joseph-Désiré Court. Antoine James de Marigny was a planter, merchant, military officer, and U.S. Marshal for eastern Louisiana. As a young man, he attended the Academy of St. Cyr and the Royal Cavalry School at Saumur in the 1830s in France, before serving two to three years as a lieutenant in the French Cavalry. In New Orleans, he married Sophronie Louise Claiborne. Daughter of William C. C. Claiborne, the first Governor of Louisiana after statehood. The couple had three or four daughters. 11 x 14 Available.

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