Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today's Purchases

This is just some of the goodies I bought at the estate sale 

It has been some time since I wrote a "Today's Purchases" Post. Since the last Today's' Purchases almost 2 years ago. I have moved from Mobile, Alabama to New Orleans, Louisiana  a year and a half ago. The last estate sale I went to was about a year ago. I was in Mobile a few weeks ago and was convinced to come down for the June estate sale. I'm very happy I did, as you will see.  

This month’s estate sale was a fabulous sale. I got everything I wanted on the first day and the things I waited for on 60% off day Sunday.  Each month this sale have over twenty thousand items to look at. I try to look at each table twice or more so that I don’t miss anything but sometimes I still do only to discover it on Sunday the last day of the sale and best day of the sale because the items are 60% off the marked price. 

This is just some of the goodies I bought at the estate sale

Perhaps the rarest and most sought after piece of Early Louisiana furniture by Early Louisiana furniture collectors is the Louisiana made cabriole leg table. Under 30 good cabriole leg tables are known to survive. I'm lucky to own a original 18th century one. I bought a very good reproduction of a Early Louisiana table in Mobile, Alabama a few weeks before the estate sale. The owner had this table copied from a original that he sold to the LSU Museum of Art. 

The original is considered one of the most beautiful of early Louisiana tables.  Early Louisiana cabriole leg tables are a unique regional style that blends French and Spanish refinement with country simplicity. They were used as tea tables, dressing table and could be found in just about every room in a 18th early 19th c, Louisiana home. This Louisiana-style table features delicate cabriole legs and a fancy scalloped aprons while the lack of carvings, inlays, or other complex details lends a rustic feel. The table legs are joined to the aprons with pegged mortise-and-tenons.

The original owner of this cabriole leg table is a Alabamian, who moved to Louisiana and embrace the unique culture, furniture, decorative arts and architecture of Historic Louisiana. I'm proud that this fine copy is now in my collection.  I latter found out that most of the pieces that I latter bought at the estate sale also came from his wonderful collection out of New Orleans and would be returning back to New Orleans with me. 

French Charles X  double handled Paris porcelain soup bowl $5.

Since my astrological sign is Leo. I decided at this sale to start to collecting Lion related antiques and decorative arts.  I was happy to find this circa 1820 period Charles X Paris porcelain broth bowl in good condition for $5. This type of two handled bowl is extremely rare and were custom made like this one for Noble family's. Most have lids. But this one most likely did not as anything that had a cover the rims were not glazed. This bowl has a glazed gilt rim.  It has a beautiful crowned Noble family shield painted on the front with standing lion. 

18th century Italian  Engraving of Hercules $10.

18th century Italian engraving of of Hercules, from the book "Le Pitture Antiche D'Ercolano" and was produced over the years 1757 to 1771 in Naples and illustrated the art works found in the excavations of Herculaneum.  The book was commissioned by Charles III, the King of the two Sicilies.

I was happy to grab this fine 18th century engraving of a  nude Hercules wrestling a Lion. I have a few gold leaf 18th century French frames that have got from this estate sale in the past that I can have this framed in. 

Crystal etched lion mug by  Ward, Rowland $5.

London, England & Nairobi, Kenya (1880 to present) 

The Rowland Ward company made its name in the late 19th & early 20th Centuries as taxidermists, specializing in African big game animals. Responding to demand, the company expanded into actually arranging safaris & retailing all kinds of goods connected with them, including crystal vases & drinking-glasses, engraved with African animals, usually made in Bohemia & Germany 

My beer will taste divine out of this hand cut and etched vintage mug with lion by The Rowland Ward company.  

A pair of 19th century wine glasses $3. I call these Peter Patout glasses. After my deer friend Peter Patout. Peter a French Louisiana Creole aristocracy! He is a great antiques dealer, collector and fabulous host. If you called upon Peter you might drink wine out of glasses like this.    

American Wine glass circa 1870. $1.

A late Georgian Dipped refined white earthenware mug with white sprig molding in a Hunt motif.  
Although unmarked, this mug was possibly made by English potters Turner or 
Spode, circa 1810. $15. 

The Mug has an applied handle finished with an acanthus type motif the top of the mug features a classical turned border and overall it is styled similarly to Mocha Ware pottery of the era. 

This Antique Cider Cup features what is called sprigged decoration which was the method of applying the cameo like details to the pottery in the manner of Wedgwood Jasper Stoneware.

This nice Old Paris porcelain platter was $25. Circa 1840-1860. 

I love pre 1860 books. This estate sale has been a great source for gilt tooled leather bound books. I got this box full priced $1-$15. 

1828 7 books about Jews priced at $1. a piece. 

Maryland armorial bookplate on 6 gold tooled books I got $5. each. 

18th century German book 

18th century German armorial engraved bookplate

French book 1830 

4 silt damask curtains panels 8 feet wide by 10 feet long, they have to be Scalamandre. $70. 

A Mahogany and gilt bronze ormolu Louis Philippe side chair that needs some TLC on cabriole legs terminating in scroll feet. Circa 1830, $75. With in min of doing research on this chair I discovered a French cabinetmaker that I could attribute it to.  

Joseph-Pierre-François Jeanselme was one of the founding members of the Jeanselme family furniture dynasty. The Jeanselme family firm was one of the foremost firms of cabinet makers in Paris, from its foundation in 1824 until its demise in 1930. During the forties and fifties of the 19th Century they received several commissions to furnish several palaces amongst which Fontainbleau and the Palais Royal.

Although my chair could be stamped Jeanselme, it was upholstered at a latter date with springs and dust cover that could be covering the stamp. I found these two lite blue chairs are exactly like my chair but they don't have the pricey hand chased ormolu   

Another stamped Jeanselme sikde chair 

A stamped Jeanselme arm chair 

My chair appears as tho it has been in a attic or basement for a 100 years. But for $75. it will be well worth the investment it would take to get this charming chair back in style. 

The hand chased ormolu features Classical winged griffin with lyre on the crest 

The profile of the chair is nice. 

The sides of the chair has ormolu in the shape of Classical anthemion palmettes.  

I was in love with this large Louis Philippe framed engraving, but at $245. I wanted to see if I could get it Sunday 60% off. 

The gilt 1831 Frame had nice NeoClassical molding 

Just to show you how big the framed print is it is shown next to the Louis Philippe side chair. 

The framed engraving is all original with original glass and backer on the frame that has never been open. 

The stamp on the back of the framer 

I got the date 1831 Louis Philippe engraving on Sunday 60% off at $98. 

I feel in love with this 18th century French Beechwood carved Louis XVI bergère circa 1780-1790. 

Priced at $110. I could have got it but wanted to see if I could get it 60% off. 

On nice stop-fluted tapering legs.

On Sunday I got the 18th century French Louis XVI bergère at 60% off priced at $44. 

I'm not crazy about the fabric on the bergère. I need to look thru my Lyon silk lampas. I like this pattern Lampas titled "Les quatres parties du monde", Lyon France, c. 1785, but maybe in a light blue for the bergère. 

I got this Petit  Decanter on Sunday 60% off of $25. It has a purplish tent to it. 

6 large English Mother of Pearl Handled Dinner Knives with hallmarks circa 1830. Were priced at $10 each but I got them on Sunday for $4. each. 

I love the carved Mother of Pearl Handles 


  1. Well done!

    I particularly love your two decanters. Do you know their dates or the site of manufacture?

  2. Hi Hels, the bigger Decanter is believed to be 18th century English bight cut also got at this estate sale but a few years ago. The little one might be French as French glass can have a purple tent to it and would date 1830's-40's. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Oh I like that cup a lot, I love two handle cups...

    Let me know when you're in Versailles!

  4. Hi cieldequimper, Thanks for your comment. Every time I'm in France, I got to Versailles about 6 or more times as it is my favorite place in the world. I will let you know friend!!!

  5. Andrew, I had some questions about the cabriole table shown and the original one you have. The submission form here ate what I wrote though.

    Would you mind dropping me a line?


    Jean Becnel