Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saint Paul's Chapel 1859 Mobile, AL

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Chapel is a small historic church built in 1859 in the village of Spring Hill on the outskirts of Mobile. This small church is built in a vernacular Gothic Revival style. 


  1. Refined, understated, neat!

    I know what Gothic Revival means, but I am not familiar with the term vernacular Gothic Revival style. Since this is a public building and a religious building at that, it cannot mean domestic.

  2. Hi Helen. Vernacular architecture refers to structures usually in rural or small-towns built of local materials in a functional style devised to meet the needs of common people in their time and place. It is sometimes called folk architecture. Vernacular structures were built by people not schooled in any kind of formal architectural design. The anonymously-built log cabins, barns, and farm outbuildings that can be seen in rural areas are good examples of vernacular architecture.