Tuesday, September 27, 2011

18th century French building in Cavaillon, France

18th century building in Cavaillon France

I wanted to show you photo's of this 18th century building in the South of France.It is one of my favorites .Look at the patina on this building, The mold, mildew and green plants growing out of it.

I first saw this amazing historic 18th century building in 1999 in a little village of Cavaillon in the South of France. As I admired the building I noticed one of the large massive carved doors was open so I and my than French boyfriend Frederic went inside. No one was in the building. I remember wonderful 18th century chamfered terra cotta tiles on the floor.

A nice size Neoclassical stone stairway with hand wrought iron railing going up the side of the stairway. We walked to the 2th floor were I tuck two photo's of the original ornate Rococo Louis XV plaster ceiling decorations. I wanted to explore this fabulous 18th century treasure more but Frederic was scared we would get in trouble, so we departed.

I had been going into Historic abandoned building since the age of about 10 so this was something I was use too. If you look at the plaster decoration in the corner of the room you can see a monkeys faces.

In 18th century Europe the monkey was the number one satire used to poke fun at the aristocracy. I often think about this building and what it looks like today.Is it in the same faded state or have it been lovely restored or over restored.

Front Neoclassical portico

Neoclassical Wrought iron balcony

Detail of over door transom

detail of stone portico

Original hand carved Rococo door.

18th century Louis XV Rococo plaster ceiling medallion.

18th century Louis XV Rococo corner ceiling plaster decoration with whimsical monkey face

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