Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today's field trip Betty's Blueberry Farm

The Blueberry's are plentiful at Betty's Blue Berry Farm

As more people become interested in locally grown foods, No pesticides U-pick farms are now having a fast growing city clientele. Most of theses farms are located not far from the city's. This morning was my second trip to Mobile County to a small community called Tanner Williams about a 20 min drive outside of the city of Mobile. Betty's Blue Berry Farm in a interesting place I was introduced a month ago by a good friend. The photo's are from the first trip I felt like Eva Gabor in Green Acres! Upon arriving Betty greats you with a big smile! We have plenty of berry's out there, Some old women just picked 15 pounds. It's best to arrive around 6 in the morning as the Alabama heat & humidity roles in around 8am.

We walk by her Ranch style home and outhouse and interesting collection of Antique cars. Passing pins of animals, peacocks, donkeys, chickens and cows. Leaving the pins one views acres of blueberry trees as far as the eye can see! I had always seen small blueberry bushes that were a foot of two high but most of the Hundreds of blueberry trees are taller then me and I'm 6'2. The great thing about the farm is you can eat all you want while u pick. I manage to eat about 2 pounds every time and pick a bucket full about six pounds. The best thing about the farm is the blueberry's are $1.50 a lab! That's right folks cheep. In stores blueberry's are $3-$4 dollars a small pint. The first time I made two Blueberry pies and down the rest. This time I think I might make one pie and blueberry Crumble to eat with French Vanilla ice cream!

At a 2007 symposium on berry health benefits, reports showed consumption of blueberries (and similar berry fruits including cranberries) may alleviate the cognitive decline occurring in Alzheimer's disease and other conditions of aging. Blueberries contain anthocyanins, other antioxidant pigments and various phytochemicals, which possibly have a role in reducing risks of some diseases, including inflammation and certain cancers. Researchers have shown blueberries contain pterostilbene, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, resveratrol, flavonols, and tannins, which inhibit mechanisms of cancer cell development and inflammation in vitro. A study soon to be published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found supplementation of diets with wild blueberry juice enhanced memory and learning in older adults, while reducing blood sugar and symptoms of depression. So blueberry's are a good thing. I hope to make it back in a week or so to pick more berry's before the end of the season.  

 One views acres of blueberry trees as far as the eye can see!

The outhouse

Betty's collection of antique cars

The last time we were at the berry farm a pregnant donkey look like she was going to deliver any moment. Last Sunday she gave birth to Jenny Lynn a new baby donkey. She was too cute and her and her mother let us pet them both.

(Jenny Lynn)

Betty' Berry Farm

3667 Driskell Loop Rd. N

Wilmer Al. 36587



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