Saturday, June 25, 2011

A visit to Peter's House

I love Peter's since of style mixing family portraits with French and Louisiana antiques

After a horrible brake up I decided to cancel my months planed weekend getaway to New Orleans where I would meet up with some Baltimore friends. My friends would not hear of it! After I purposely missed my 5:45 am Grayhound bus to New Orleans they decided to rent a car to pick me up the next day. Well, if my friends were willing to drive for over 4 hours on a Saturday picking my butt up it was only fair that I go even if I decide not to have fun.

I gave out my rules before they arrived. I'm not going to be my usual fun self. I'm not going to be much fun as I'm depressed. And I'm not eating anything with fat in it in New Orleans as I have been living off of water and ten pounds of blueberry's I had picked in Mobile County. Of coarse all of this went out of the door upon meeting them. My friends are photographers and were shooting a wedding in New Orleans.

I did not realize it at the time but this was a much needed trip for me. Also on the trip, this was the first time since Hurricane Katrina that New Orleans was calling me back home. I made plans for my friends to meet a few of my interesting New Orleans friends and on the list was my good friend and fellow Antiques Dealer Peter. Peter lives in a 1870's Shotgun double house on the residential end of the world famous Bourbon Street. I meet Peter while I was a teenager in High School in New Orleans. We have been friends ever since and I usually stay at his lovely home while visiting New Orleans.

I knew this would be a great treat for my East Coast friends because if you look up Deep South Southern Hospitality it is Peter. The photo's are from two visits over the weekend. On the first visit Peter served us Limoncello he made himself in 18th century glasses. His 1824 Guest House was occupied and we were invited back the next day to see it. On the second day Peter served homemade Southern sweet ice tea and a peach & blueberry cobbler he made in wedding band Old Paris porcelain dishes with coin silver spoons.


My friend Shane and Jonathan taking it all in

Peters family portrait

Shane enjoying the peach & blueberry cobbler


Peter served homemade Southern sweet ice tea

Since the last time I was at Peters he had this beautiful early 19th century Italian marble mantel installed. Originally from a French Quarter home remodeled by famous architect Latrobe. Shane's hand.     

1850's American gilt bronze Rococo Revival chandelier     

Peter has the best kitchen in the world. Its small but some very tasty dishes have come out of here.

Balcony of back guest house covered in muscadine grape vine

Cast Iron plaque

18th century French faience in the Court yard

1824 back guest house mantel. The pair of 1840's face shields once belong to me

French Empire hand colored engraving in it's original classical ornate frame

Court Yard


  1. Your friends home looks just like what I dream a New Orleans French Quarter should look like. Thanks to you and them for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

  2. Hi Richard. Yes this home is one of the best decorated in the French Quarter and the fun thing about it every time I go there a lot of stuff is changed out.

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